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Since I was around 15 I’ve struggled with acne. It started off just a few spots here and there. I remember my entire family telling me not to worry, that it was a teenage thing and it was the norm.

They were right of course - most, if not all teenagers will experience some form of acne while they’re growing up. This is because during puberty the body produces more androgens, which makes our skin produce more oil and consequently block our pores. Normally this settles down though.

I spent my my teenage years scrubbing at my face with anything I could possibly find in Boots which claimed to help spots, and waking up 2 hours early for school in order to pack concealer and powder onto my skin. I don’t think many people actually realised the extent of my skin problem, because I was so good at covering it up.

I was so terrified of people seeing my skin that I would say I was obsessed with covering it up. This was to a point where I felt horrible every night when I took my makeup off and hated what I saw. I used to not even want boyfriends at the time to see me without makeup in case they’d break up with me.

It made me feel trapped in my own skin. What made it worse was that I got numerous comments during my school and university years, normally along the lines of  “wow, you wear a lot of makeup!, “I don’t know why you bother putting so much crap on your face”, “why can’t I see you without makeup?”, “you should go and take your makeup off, it’s bad for your skin”.

I’m definitely not angry at anybody who said these comments, because I guess I’d wonder the same thing if I’d never struggled with acne.  After all, makeup can be pretty time consuming.

However, I do want to write about it because I’d like to spread the message that saying things like this can make people feel very isolated. I used to feel ashamed when someone asked me this, like they were looking at me as if I was dirty or vain. Usually, if a girl wears makeup to a point that she doesn't let you see her without it, it’s not because she’s vain. 

It’s the exact opposite. I used to think people would call me ugly if I took it off. This video might put it into perspective for you.

No matter how much you spend on buying those costly make up, they'll NEVER be able to remove of your Acne or Scar...

Here are the list of treatments I’ve tried, and the success I had with each.

Topical treatments

ProActive & Clinique Acne Solutions (not from the GP) - These had mild results for a short timeframe before my skin seemed to become immune to the creams and stopped reacting to them. They’re also really pricey and in my eyes, only worth it if you have very mild acne.

Benzoyl Peroxide, Salicylic Acid, Adapalene (Differin), Duac - all topical treatments in the forms of creams and gels from the GP. Mostly to be applied under makeup and before you go to bed after cleansing your skin.


Personally, I found these took down existing spots but never stopped new ones from coming. They’re also so strong that they make your skin red, irritated and dehydrated, which made the whole problem worse.


Erythromycin - never worked for me even after months of continued use.

Tetracycline - this one really did the job and I thought I’d finally cleared my acne. It took a couple of months to kick in, and from then on I had really clear and manageable skin for around 9 months.


My acne then gradually decided to creep back, and it turned out I’d become immune to these too. I had a break and went back on them, but they didn’t have the same effect. I’d recommend this antibiotic if you want to clear your acne short term (though everyone's body will react differently).

Contraceptive Pill

Cilest - made me feel sad all the time and worsened my acne.

Yazmin - had a slightly clearing affect on my acne, worsened my moods.

Dianette - cleared my skin beautifully. Dianette is a fantastic pill for acne related issues but you’re only allowed to take it for a limited time. It’s the strongest pill and has huge links to depression, suicide and blood clots. It made me pretty emotionally unstable to a point which affected my life and relationships, so I had to stop.

Gedarel 20/150 - this is the pill I’m on now and while I can’t say it’s cleared my acne, it gives me the least side effects in terms of mood as it’s a low dosage pill. If you have problems with mood or other side effects on the pill, give this one a go!

I’ve also tried more natural approaches which have been somewhat successful but have helped me slightly, namely cod liver oil which I still think is great help for acne prone skin. 

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