4 Foods For Diabetes Treatment

Amazing Study Reveals: 4 Foods That Knock Down Diabetes And Get You Your Life Back

by Mrs Obiora  –  (Natural Wellness Consultant) 


Recent Studies have shown that these foods can help reverse diabetes fast if used in the right quantity and with the right quality. Learn the secrets foods in the article below.

Aloe Vera

The first food is Aloe Vera. We all know Aloe Vera we have seen it several times. However, what we did not know is that the extract from Aloe Vera can help to regulate blood sugar levels back to normal in a natural way. You will need to extract the juice / gel from the Aloe Vera to enjoy the benefits. You will need a lot of Aloe Vera to get enough juice. After this, consuming the Aloe Vera Juice extracted can be completely beneficial to glucose levels in our body by stabilizing it in our blood stream.

Drinking only the Aloe Vera Gel Can Reduce blood sugar level by 50%. Also another benefit of Aloe Vera Juice is that it detoxifies inside the human body and discards excess glucose from you and helps you feel better. Aloe vera gel also increase the secretion of insulin as an added advantage which make it very easy to alleviate diabetes in the quickest possible time.

In addition, these effects are not specific to a type of diabetes as it is beneficial to both insulin and non-insulin dependent diabetes.

If you take doses of Aloe Vera Juice according to standardized recommended dosage plan for diabetics your will enjoy an extremely significant decrease in blood sugar levels.The best part of everything is that it is natural and has no side effects.

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The second food is Garlic. We all know that Garlic to be a remedy for various diseases but unknown to a lot of people diabetes is one of such diseases.  So I am sure you are wondering how it works for diabetes. Well Garlic specifically focuses on increasing the production of insulin in the body and improving your body’s glucose tolerance. Aside from us several researchers have confirmed this theory for example the journal of Medicinal Food which confirmed this hypothesis by conducting a research  that proved that garlic was highly effective in the treatment of diabetes. Other reputable organizations for example journal of agriculture and food chemistry have shown that garlic has the potential to protect the heart from diabetes induced heart disease.

To get these benefits from garlic you need to eat in the right quantity. Also NEVER EAT RAW as this can be bad for your health. Alternatively you can get the natural supplement to get it in the right quantity.


The Third food is Cinnamon. We have all heard of cinnamon it is not a new thing. Most people in Nigeria use it as a flavouring / spice for foods they eat.  Cinnamon comes in two types namely the cassia and the Ceylon. They are both collected from the evergreen tree barks.  What people don’t know is that recent studies have shown that cinnamon is very effective in reducing blood sugar. The journal name ‘diabetic care’ conducted a research that gathered diabetic men and women of over 60 years of age and conducted test on them. The test showed significant decrease in blood glucose even after several months of taking cinnamon in their recommended quantities. The test also revealed a reduction in lipids and cholesterol levels. To get this benefits you must take in the right quantity as if you take too much it may have a side effect. The benefits of taking cinnamon in the right dosage are immense as it can also prevent heart disease and other heart problems in diabetic people.

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The third type of food worth mentioning here are cloves. What are cloves and how do cloves help diabetics? Cloves can help diabetics in several ways. Firstly, cloves has been used for at least a thousand years in china as well as India as an all natural remedy for several diseases including diabetes. In the case of diabetes the body produces little or no insulin which is needed in controlling blood sugar levels. The clove extract imitates the functions of insulin in certain ways when it enters the body as well as fixing several ailments at the same time. In fact, Pakistan Agric University research also showed that even one single clove daily significantly reduced blood glucose in type 2 diabetics. They cloves also helped improve insulin functions in the body significantly. If you are interested in cloves, you can get it as part of the pack here.

Bonus – Camomile

Some of us have heard of camomile before. Camomile is popular in certain circles but most people don’t know that it is also great in knocking out diabetes as well. How? Well a new study has proven that taking regular camomile tea in the right quantity will reduce blood sugar levels and also help prevent diabetic health complications such as blindness, circulatory damage, disease of the kidney and more that could arise from having diabetes.

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